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Cookies: $10.00 per dozen (Add $2.00 for GF)

  • Chocolate Chip: My signature cookie!  Made with pure vanilla and rich semi sweet chocolate chips.  *GF
  • Chocolate Chip/ Pecans or Walnuts:  A nutty version of my signature cookie.  *GF
  • White Chocolate Chip: Creamy white chocolate make this cookie rich in flavor.  *GF
  • White Chocolate Chip/ Macadamia Nuts: Hawaiian Macadamia nuts make this cookie very tasty!  *GF
  • Chocolate Crinkle: Dark chocolate dough rolled in powdered sugar and baked to a truffle-like texture.
  • Oatmeal Raisin: Spices, plump raisins and oats make this cookie heavenly.
  • Peanut Butter: Thick, chewy and loaded with fresh roasted peanuts.
  • Sugar: Sweet and buttery classic  *GF
  • Ginger: Thick and chewy with a crackled sugary top.
  • M&M: A favorite of all ages.   *GF
  • Snickerdoodle:  A cinnamon-sugar delight!  *GF

Whoopie Pies: $18.00 per dozen (Add $3.00 for GF)


  • Red Velvet/Vanilla Cream:  Moist Red Velvet with Vanilla Cream. *GF
  • Chocolate/Vanilla Cream: The Original.  Rich, dark chocolate cookies with a vanilla cream. *GF
  • Chocolate/Chocolate Cream: A chocolate lovers dream! *GF
  • Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cream: Creamy Peanut Butter filling make this a great combination. *GF
  • Chocolate/Mint Cream: Original Whoopie with a hint of mint. *GF
  • Chocolate/Strawberry Cream: Chocolate & Strawberry...need I say more. *GF
  • Pumpkin/Vanilla Cream: Moist pumpkin cookies joined with vanilla cream. *GF
  • Lemon/Vanilla Cream: A lemon lovers favorite! *GF
  • Strawberry/Vanilla Cream:  Moist and delicious! *GF

*GF....Can be made gluten free!

**Whoopie/Cookie Combo Packs available per request**

Packaging Options:

*  White Bakery Boxes
*  Cookie Tins
*  Trays
*  Decorative Cookie Sleeves:
    (Party Favors/Gifts)
Specialty packaging per 

   (Prices will vary depending on 
   your packaging choice.)

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